Windshield Replacement

Front windshields act as a major safety feature if you are in an accident that causes your vehicle to roll over. The front windshield is designed to prevent the roof from crushing you in a roll over accident. This is why it is very important to replace or repair your front windshield when the need occurs. Many people are unsure if they need a full windshield replacement or just a simple windshield repair.

A windshield repair should only be performed if the size of the crack or chip in your windshield is less than the length of a dollar bill. If the windshield crack is larger, don’t even think about repairing it, because it can’t provide safety in an accident. Stop by our shop and talk to our professional, to be sure that you will not put your family in danger.

If you have a broken or cracked front window, at Lincolnwood Car Shop we can handle your car window repair or replacement job today. Stop by our shop today and our technicians will be able to assist with determining whether or not your car needs a complete windshield replacement of your car glass is required. All government standards are accomplished when replacing the windshield.