Suspension Services

Carsxperts offers you a wide range of suspension services to help your car handle all the twists and turns of the road.

The condition of your suspension systems dramatically affects the quality of your ride. The suspension system has a few components which assure the safety of the road. Struts, shock absorbers, springs and tires, they all contribute on keeping the vehicle on the road, to maintain the vehicle’s correct height, to keep the vehicle’s direction right or to maintain the optimum wheel alignment. Without all its components working properly, the suspension system wouldn’t be able to keep you on a safe road. The suspension system keeps your car going down the road in a straight line and is also smoothing out the bumps in the road.

Speed, road conditions, wind and even weight distribution affect vehicles in motion. To have an effective navigation under any of those factors, your suspension system needs to be in a very good condition. If you’re experiencing noise over bumps, bouncing, pulling, wandering, crooked steering wheel, Carsxpert technicians perform a complete  system evaluation. We will let you know exactly which suspension repairs need to be made in order to get you back on the road safely.

Keep your family safe and evaluate your vehicle’s suspension system regularly. Even if manufacturers don’t recommend a specific mileage or period of time for checking the suspension system, you should know that shocks wear quickly. This is why on every 20.000 km you should check their performance and on 80.000 km you should replace them. Our dedicated technicians will gladly do that for you. Call us or just stop by and Carsxpert mechanics will take a very good care of your vehicle.