Steering Services

As well as the suspension system, steering system is very important for the safety of you and your family. More than that, functional steering and suspension systems increase the comfort of the ride. If the steering system is ok, the vehicle will maintain its direction. But if the steering system is damaged, the vehicle will loose control. Any problem with the steering can affect other systems of the vehicle.


Most people don’t know when they should have the steering system checked. Even the manufacturers don’t recommend a specific time, you should at least know how to diagnose the steering problems, before it become too severe. To be able to do that, first you should know the type of the steering system that your vehicle has. The first step is to find our whether your car is a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive model. If you don’t know how to do that, simply consult the manufacturer’s manual. Even the problems are similar, the two type of models will refer to different repairs or replacements.


When your vehicle needs constant correction while driving, is difficult to steer or has too much play in the steering wheel, you definitely should bring your car to a Lincolnwood Car Service inspection. Our specialists will check the power steering fluid level, in order to add some more or to replace it. A team of dedicated technicians will also check to see if there is a leak in the system. In a short time, your car will be ready and safe.


Along with the fluid level, our mechanics will check the tires to see if they’re worn out and will see if the vehicle has alignment problems. If the problem is diagnosed early, the tires might still be ok, but in some cases, according to the steering system, the front or the back tires might be worn out and should be replaced. Steering problems can become severe in a very short time. Remember that not being able to control the power steering can lead to loosing complete control of your vehicle. So, keep your family safe and bring your car to an early inspection at Lincolnwood Car Service.