Oil Change

Make the difference between getting safe to your destination or damaging the vehicle, by changing the oil and filter regularly. Oil change is a frequently needed service which can keep the engine running as good as new for a long time. According to your vehicle’s type and age, it’s recommended to change the oil every 3000 miles or, according to other car manufacturers, every 5000 miles or even more, depending on the driving conditions. Avoid any risks of destroying the engine by performing a regular change of the oil and filter for your vehicle.

It worth to take a look on the vehicle’s manual to check when you have to change the oil. Read carefully the maintenance schedule and see where your driving conditions fit, either in the ‘normal’ or ‘severe’ service. It’s necessary to mention that ‘severe’ service supposes driving on hot or cold weather, dust, short trips or many stops and goes. If you’re still asking why do we need to change the oil and why the original isn’t good enough, you have to know that different factors as heat or cold, contribute to the breakdown of the oil.

Everybody knows that changing the oil it’s a must, but how many people can say why should it be changed or what could happen if we neglect this? If there were no oil in the engine, the moving parts would melt together because of the heat that they produce. Once these components melt together, the engine will lock up, because there is nothing to do to get them apart. In time and according to different weather or driving conditions, the oil, as well as the additives that exists in the engine oil, get contaminated with small particles of dust, dirt, scrap or litter. All these little problems affect the oil’s viscosity, making it less slippery.

Your vehicle should be on the right hands when you decide to change the oil and filter. Lincolnwood Car Expert offers you only quality services, due to our high service standards and a great team of experts explain to you everything you need to know about your vehicle and about changing the oil. Stop by Lincolnwood Car Expert and our excellent technicians will determine which oil suits best for your vehicle’s engine.