Heating & Cooling

As technology evolved, every vehicle comes equipped with a heating/cooling system. Heating the passenger’s cabin during the winter and cooling it during the summer became a must nowadays. The mechanism is not that complicated, hoses are routed from the engine, through the firewall to the passenger’s cabin, helped by a “heater core”, a miniature radiator. Unfortunately, everything brakes at some point and the heating or the cooling system can fail too.  

Don’t wait for the summer to check if the Air Conditioning is working properly. Stop by Lincolnwood Car Service to properly inspect the hoses, the lines and other components for leaks. Our engineers will check the compressor to see if you need a recharge or if a belt needs to be changed. Don’t postpone an inspection, because the air conditioning or the heating system can cause the damage of other components as well.

The most likely cause of a vehicle air conditioning cooling problem is no freon in the system. On most of the cases, the compressor will not turn on if the level of freon is too low, because it protects itself from possible damage. Another common problem is the system which blows cold air for a few seconds and then worm air. This can be caused by too much air in the system, which gets to freeze and to stop the system from working properly. Usually, a vacuum pump can solve this problem very fast.

The heating system is very important as well. Winter is so beautiful, but if your vehicle’s heating system is not working properly or it’s not working at all, the cold could be a real enemy. If the heating system is not working properly, the engine can overheat and it can fail. To avoid severe damages and expensive repairs, Lincolnwood Car Service technicians recommend to have the heating system checked regularly, to help identify potential problems.