Flush service

Lincolnwood Car Expert offers the following flush services:

1. Transmission Flush

In order to protect your cars transmission, every 30.000 miles you should get a transmission flush. In some cases, depending on the type of the vehicle, you may need a transmission flush sooner. Here are some of the signs when you should perform a transmission flush:
– problem shifting gears: whether you want to change into second gear or you want to take it off, you may observe some small problems, like the delay that the car has on shifting gears;
– because of the dirt that the transmission can have, the gear shift can jump out;
– delay in vehicle movement.
Performing a transmission flush, you will improve your car’s transmission fluid life, by preventing leaks and removing contaminated fluid from the system. Putting our clients needs on the top, Lincolnwood Car Expert offers complete transmission flush services, so that overheating or shifting problems would become history.

2. Cooling System Flush

Cooling system flush is considered to be the basic maintenance for the cooling system, operation that will improve your vehicle’s performances and will prevent overheating. Using Lincolnwood Car Expert cooling system services, our professional technicians will remove rust and scale deposits, procedure that will stop overheating or breakdown. A cooling system flush operation will protect the coolant against leaks or corrosion which may lead to a system failure.

3. Power Steering Service

Dirty power steering fluid can compromise the performance of your steering system. Neglecting the service of the power system can cause noise, can reduce the steering efficiency or worse, can lead to expensive repairs of your vehicle. A dedicated team of experts gathered at Lincolnwood Car Expert will carefully remove the old fluid from the reservoir, will flush the entire system using only proper equipments and will refill the system with quality fluid, recommended by the manufacturer. Keep your vehicle power steering system clean for your safety and for a long life of your vehicle and be sure that using Lincolnwood Car Expert services, you will avoid extra costs.

4. Fuel Injection Service

Performing a fuel injection service will remove the dirt particles from the fuel system, which will help improving the vehicle’s performance, as well as its acceleration. When injectors are dirty, the fuel doesn’t burn efficiently. At Lincolnwood Car Expert, fuel injection service is provided by a team of experts, who will carefully clean the intake system, using concentrated fuel injector cleaning, so that the system will deliver the proper amount of fuel, avoiding the loss of power.