Engine tune-ups

Engine tune-ups restore the loss power or performance due to wear, corrosion or deterioration of one or more units. It is very important the tune-ups to be made correctly, using the specifications listed in the Federal laws limiting exhaust emissions. Tune-ups will improve fuel economy, will make the engine start easier and will restore the lost power.

A complete tune-up should be made according to the manufacturer’s specifications, every 10.000 to 20.000 miles, depending on the type of the vehicle. Carsxpert Service team are very well prepared and know how to tune-up all types of vehicles, following a few steps:
– changing oil, air and fuel filters;
– check battery fluid level;
– clean battery posts and clamps;
– check for cracked spark plug wires and replacing with new ones;
– adjust idle speed;
– adjust ignition timing.

Tune-ups are very important for your vehicle’s maintenance and should be done every year. Observe the vehicle and notice if the gas mileage is decreasing, the vehicle loses power, you hear knocking sounds when accelerating or the check engine light remains on after you start the vehicle. All these problems can be fixed by tune-ups.

Engine tune-ups are always made in line with every vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. These tune-ups make your engine to start easier, they improve the fuel economy, lower emissions and restore the lost power of the engine. For your vehicle to have the optimum engine performance, you need to look at premium quality tune up parts. Our experienced staff at Carsxperts can help you in choosing the right parts for you type of vehicle, so please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions you might have regarding your car’s engine tune up.