Engine Repair

A car engine is made of hundreds different components working together to ensure that a vehicle starts and runs properly. In time, some of these components may fail or wear out, resulting in a loss of performance, extra fuel consumption and toxic gases. An engine failure is always a bad news. Most of us consider in buying a new car when the engine cracks, because, in most cases, repairing the old engine costs more than replacing the car. Still you should consider taking your vehicle to a specialized car service, like Lincolnwood Car Service. Dedicated engineers will tell you if repairing the engine is less expensive than exchanging it or even selling the car. If otherwise the vehicle is in good conditions, repairing the engine may be the proper solution.

The major causes of engine failure :
– overheating;
– low oil pressure;
– loss of power;
– hard starting;

The engine Check light on the board could indicate one or more problems. But how can we find out what exactly causes the Check Engine light to stay on? Without a proper equipment, we can’t. There are hundreds of possibilities, from leaking gas to a broken sensor. A professional inspection can tell us precisely what it needs to be replaced or if repairing the engine costs more that the vehicle itself.

Ignoring some apparently small problems could be a major cause for an engine to failure. It sometimes can happen to suddenly failure. Take an extra care of your vehicle, change the oil on time and pay attention to any reduction in oil, because the oil is the one which cools the rod, main bearings and the pistons. Without enough oil, all these parts
can run hot, leading to engine failure.

Lincolnwood Car Service have high qualified and technicians who will inspect the engine very carefully. Call us or stop by when you think that there is a problem with the vehicle’s engine. A full expertize will save you a lot of money and the engine will work properly.