Battery Replacement

The battery supplies electrical power to the starter and to other electrical components which are necessary to start the engine. Everybody knows that the battery is one of the most important pieces of the vehicle, because without it, the car wouldn’t be able to hit the road. The battery provides power to start the engine, it stores energy and it also provides power to other electrical components, like the radio or central lock system.

Depending on the type of your vehicle, the battery lasts from 3 to 5 years. If you will not test your vehicle’s battery, it could fail in the most inconvenient time. Maintaining and replacing the battery at the right time, it could save you a lot of trouble. Don’t forget that batteries are a major cause of vehicle breakdown. Our experts advises you to test your battery every 3 oil changes, to see if it needs to be replaced or a simple recharge it’s enough.

What can be the cause of a battery breakdown?

According to your climate and your driving conditions, batteries will fail faster or can last longer. The vehicle’s manual can tell you when to expect to recharge or to replace your car’s battery. It’s best to resolve the problem before it comes up, otherwise, in a very cold morning when you will be late at work, your car’s engine won’t start. But if something else goes wrong in the electrical system, like a short circuit or a weak alternator, the battery can provide less energy than it should, finally causing its death.

A discharged battery could provide some clues to whether it will last another year or it’s best to have it tested. The most important clue is its age. If your battery is older than 3 years, you might want to have it tested. Another important clue is your driving habits. For example, if you drive your car only once a week, the battery could breakdown faster than everyday driving. From time to time, take a look at the battery. If you observe corrosion or stains, it means that you have a leak.

No matter if your battery needs to be replaced or a simple recharge would be enough, Lincolnwood Car Expert will take a very good care of your car’s vehicle. According to our clients needs, our battery replacement services include the following:
– visual inspection of the battery, including the cables;
– measuring the CCA of the battery;
– cleaning the battery if needed;
– replacing the battery if needed.

Either you need the replacement of the battery or a simple recharge, at the end, our teams will test the battery. Remember that an early testing of the battery could save you a lot of trouble.